Every judicial action using a warrant seeking access to the customer's data stored in our cloud is forwarded to our lawyers. Massive Logics always mandates the best attorneys specialized in lawful communication interceptions.

ETHICmail® only harbors data under carefully selected jurisdictions respecting digital privacy rights, and never stores data from a customer under its corresponding jurisdiction of residence to prevent any abusive direct access by its home authorities.

Massive Logics appositely avoids corporate presence in countries known to rely on extra-judicial collaboration requests when their tentative access to data through conventional legal channels is unsuccessfull. We systematically dismiss all illegal and extra-judicial collaboration requests without exception by informing the inquiring entities to follow instead proper international judicial assistance procedures.


We serve Interception warrants only if they fall within the motives we prominently publish on our web site, and only after examining their strict legal compliance to all applicable laws, regulations and procedures.

Data seizure warrants are not limited to the motives restricting the acceptance of interception warrants, but can only access data at rest in our cloud. Real-time information is stricly accessible only with lawful and compliant interception warrants.

ETHICmail® systematically rejects all extra-judicial collaboration requests, and relies exclusively on attorneys specialized in communication interceptions to exhaust available recourses and legal challenges before accepting warrants.

Any legal or procedural inconsistency detected in warrants (regardless if warrants belong to the interception type or the data seizure type) lead to their dismissal and our subsequent requirement to the inquiring authorities to reissue these warrants under strict compliance to all applicable legislation, regulations and procedures.


Very few governments operate under legal systems including mechanisms providing a relative fairness towards individuals targeted by communication interceptions.

ETHICmail® only harbors customer data under jurisdictions obliged, at the end of the execution of an interception warrant, to notify the interception to the targeted individual.

In these rare cases, the customer not only knows that it has been victim of this intrusive action, but can also learn the motivations which led to such action by sending us copy of the received notification. Attorneys can then unveil the reasons which allowed the release of the warrant, its scope along with the start and termination dates. Please see the next paragraph for detailed information about this unique service.


We always attempt to protect the customer's privacy by all legitimate means at our disposal. If our challenges are unsuccessful and we must finally accept to execute an interception warrant on behalf of the inquiring authorities, we are then bound to adopt a legally neutral position. We are prohibited to initiate or take part in any action leading a customer to know that he is the target of an investigation.

For this reason, we must wait that the customer initiates unilaterally an assistance request to our legal department.

From this point on, we can resume our mission in favor of the customer. We highly value the capability to unveil the reasoning behind interception warrants, their scope and starting/termination dates, since only such information might help our customer to examine if the motives appear dubious and to discover which material has been compromised.

ETHICmail® provides interception warrant information services for an attractive cost by spreading fees through an optional assistance membership priced in function of the size of the corresponding email packages.

Analysis of interception warrant notifications are complex missions performed on a case-by-case basis which require attorneys to invest considerable time when interacting and visiting physically the offices of involved authorities or law enforcement agencies.

For those reasons, we recommend our customers to preventively include the optional assistance membership in their subscription because such information service billed as contractual regular service (for customers not enrolled in our assistance membership) is considerably more expensive.