We monitor logins to detect unsuccessful access attempts and swiftly block offending connections. If legitimate users trigger by mistake our login defenses, account administrators can themselves ublock these IP addresses from the client area.

For extensive protection, connections to our client & support area integrate an optional Two-Factor authentication ETHICmail® customers can enable at any time. Two-factor authentication is designed to keep your account secure even if someone learns your password.

ETHICmail's Two-Factor access is based on the reliable Goggle Authenticator technology which is freely available for Iphone, Android and Windows smartphones. Two-Factor authentication is the strongest deterrent against account hacking.


Like any web service of global reach, the security of ETHICmail® depends on many complex factors. Knowledge, dedication, time response against exploits discovery, human and financial resources all play an instrumental role. We humbly attempt to do our best in the mutual interest of our customers and our company.

ETHICmail® datacenters & hosting environment fully comply with the Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

ETHICmail® strives to achieve an uptime of 99,9% and daily rotating backups are performed on both our system and our customer's valuable data. Access to the technical infrastructure is stricly limited to authorized personnel only, and our cloud is submitted to constant monitoring and vulnerability detection.


SSL is the fundamental technology which secures Internet Communications by converting readable information into an encrypted stream. This protects sensitive information from prying eyes and allows it to travel without being compromised nor altered. Tech savy readers can consult the 48-pages Internet SSL Survey 2010 presentation at Black Hat to better understand this complex subject and why we care.

ETHICmail® provides the strongest attainable SSL security in order to ensure the privacy of the information flowing between our cloud and our users.

All our services use Perfect Forward Secrecy with 128/256bit encryption and 4096bit certificates, offering effectively better protection than most online banking SSL connections.

Tools only performs well if they are properly implemented and maintained. SSL is no exception. Qualys Inc, a leading provider of security services, offers detailed tests to check the SSL quality of servers and score them from best (A) to worst (F). We highly recommend you to TEST every site you use regularly. Here we list a few tests we performed in 2013:

NOTE: The following tests performed on February 18th, 2014 show the quality of the SSL connections to various web sites. ETHICmail® implements consistently the same SSL configuration over its entire range of internet services to allow the public to perform independent objective testing. The results of these tests may vary over time and we recommend retesting these sites with the provided links when you consult this chapter.

Some sites achieving the A score

ETHICmail® domains & our free subdomains
score 100% for the certificate and 95 % for protocols
100% for key exchange and 90% for ciphers strength
achieve PCI compliance, are FIPS/140-2 ready
and offer robust FORWARD SECRECY.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an international non-profit digital rights group based in the USA and defends Internet Civil Liberties since 1990. Supports robust FORWARD SECRECY.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a security organization performing intelligence and law enforcement missions. Partial FORWARD SECRECY support.
Among the best scoring free email providers in terms of SSL quality, but performs CONTENT EXTRACTION on non-subscriber messages and analyzes communications. Supports FORWARD SECRECY.
The cloud service from Apple Inc. which reached 320 million users in July 2013.

Some sites scoring B
The web service from Microsoft (Outlook) replacing HotMail, serving over 300 million accounts.
Hushmail is a canadian web-based email service offering encrypted emails.
HSBCnet is the global online business platform of HSBC Holdings, a leading bank in the world with assets reaching US$2.6 trillion (2012).
Yahoo Mail is one of the largest web-based free email services. Yahoo performs CONTENT ANALYSIS on your messages.
A free web-based email service from the company 1&1.

Some sites scoring C

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
A prestigious university.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
The first institution to observe a particle matching the elusive Higgs Boson.