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The ETHICmail® Concept

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INSECURE DESIGN - Email confidentiality is a complex matter because neither the Internet nor the Web have been originally designed to support security, integrity and privacy.

HACKER WARS - The structural lack of security is continually compensated by a myriad of partial and fragmentary technological improvements, which in turn are themselves challenged by the appearance of new vulnerabilities which are opportunistically exploited.

BIG BROTHER - Snowden's revelations have brought in daylight what security experts already knew: under the pretext to fight crime & terrorism, many nations systematically violate privacy rights, either by employing covert technologies escaping oversight, or by abusing legal instruments. Suspicions abound that such acts mainly seek unfair advantages resulting from economic & industrial espionage or intellectual property pillaging.

COMPROMISED PRIVACY - Governments induce or tolerate at varying degrees policies impacting negatively on digital privacy rights like for example mandatory data retention delays, obligations to service providers to record and store internet traffic for years, regulations on cryptography, indiscriminate misuse of subpoenas and warrants, or the conversion of overseeing courts into rubber stamps.


ETHICmail® provides an integral secure messaging solution by preventing privacy vulnerabilities in legal and technological aspects on both ends of the communication, all while remaining compatible with common IT standards and email applications.

COMPATIBILITY - You and your correspondents continue to use common messaging tools like webmail and email clients, including optional independent client-side encryption when opportune. No additional software nor knowledge is required to use ETHICmail® services.

SECURE CONNECTIONS - protect sensitive information from eavesdropping while traveling through the Internet back and forth between your devices and our cloud. ETHICmail® uses simultaneously 4096bit SSL certificates and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) with 128/256bit encryption, which makes impossible to record and later decipher your Internet traffic.

STRONG LEGAL RIGHTS - protect the confidentiality of ETHICmail® email accounts. Your data is harbored exclusively outside your country of residence and always under jurisdictions enforcing severe restrictions for lawful access to your private data. Specialized attorneys additionally shield by all legal means the secrecy our customers deserve.

RELIABLE PRIVACY - is provided on all ETHICmail® accounts. Physical access to our infrastructure is only granted to authorized personnel bound by special confidentiality clauses.


ETHICmail® works because we embrace naturally the particularities of your current individual or corporate situation, often without requiring changes in the way you are used to communicate, all while never compromising your security server-side. You choose freely which handling is the best suited to your custom needs, according to your assessment about the risk to store sensitive data on your own local devices.

UNTRUSTWORTHY BASE JURISDICTION: You do not trust the level of privacy provided by the jurisdiction of the country where you or your business is based. Because we never harbor data belonging to a given customer in its very same country of residence, you can safely manage your email communications online. Our webmail applications connect securely to our servers without leaving a copy of your mailbox on your local devices.

UNTRUSTWORTHY GENERIC EMAIL HOSTING: You are based in a country providing acceptable legal digital rights, but you do not trust the mainstream email industry given its apalling track record in privacy matters. You can setup your usual email clients on your computers, tablets and smartphones to work with ETHICmail® accounts using secure POP or secure IMAP protocols.

YOU ONLY TRUST YOUR CORRESPONDENT: You can setup your usual email clients on your computers, tablets and smartphones to work with ETHICmail® accounts using secure POP or secure IMAP protocols, and additionally use client-side encryption like GPG for your sensitive messages.

Remember that when you use tools which store sensitive data on your local devices, client-side encryption is not always a good method because many nations impose hefty fines or prison terms to people refusing to reveal the cipher keys of encrypted material.

In doubt, we higly recommend you to manage your communications by webmail alone in order to prevent local exposure. If your correspondent requires client-side encryption, you can use at any time our Horde webmail which supports GPG.

In the practice, all participants in a conversation must each take into account the particularities of the context they belong to and act accordingly. ETHICmail® does not impose communication methodologies, therefore each participant can choose to handle its side of the message exchanges the way it deems the most appropriate.


Sometimes, even the most seasoned user doesn't remember how to set up a specific email client or application in order to quickly get up and running.

The Knowledgbase contains all the information our users require to know how to make the most out of their email packages.

ETHICmail® follows universally established SMTP, POP and IMAP email standards and is compatible with almost any email client on all common operating systems and devices.


For legal and technological reasons, ETHICmail® cannot provide absolute inviolability, but we can define the cases where we cannot guarantee you continued privacy or access:

- We cannot protect your communications against targeted attacks by signal intelligence agencies. ETHICmail relies on technical and legal instruments unable to compete against entities which do not respect the law, benefit from unlimited technical, financial and human ressources, and covertly operate under the protection of their government. We primarly shield your privacy against corporate or financial espionage, hacking, data theft, malicious individual acts, and the possible abuses of law enforcement agencies relying on warrants.

- We cannot summarily dismiss interception warrants when you are the target of an official lawful investigation for terrorism, pedophilia, kidnapping, counterfeiting, illegal immigration, extorsion/blackmailing, traffic of prohibited substances, homicides/loss of human life, traffic of weapons/ammunitions and IP infringments. Our attorneys perform a thorough analysis of these interception warrants and control their strict legality in regard to all applicable laws, and challenge them in case of unsatisfactory compliance.

- We cannot protect your accounts against unauthorized access impersonating the legitimate user by inputting the correct user name, passwords and private keys. These acts typically require the offender to first compromise your local computing environment by installing trojans or keyloggers to discover your credentials. It is essential that our users maintain the integrity of their software and hardware at all times.

- We cannot guarantee access to your account when our cloud detects suspicious behavior from your end which could result from a compromised computing environment. According to the severity of the offending activity, our cloud will trigger defenses which may result in your IP being temporarily or permanently banned, and you will be required to contact your administrator in order to regain access.